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Friday, September 30, 2011

Eric and The Tithe

                I stopped tithing in May.  Not out of greed so much as just wanting to not have my car repossessed.  I guess that’s a little greedy.  I’m not innocent in all of this I could be a lot more fiscally responsible.  Now that my wife has quit her job to raise the newest child we are even more broke than I thought we were 4 months ago.  I know that I should be tithing, but we’ve kind of dug ourselves into a deep deep hole of contracts and obligations and then there’s the private school.  Shouldn’t that count as tithing?  I mean, the church owns the school. So I should get some points for that. No?  I didn’t really think so, but I thought I would try anyway. 
                I’ve heard a lot of people say that tithing is more important than eating (okay, not a lot of people, but my mother says that…a lot).  I want to tithe, I feel guilty for going to church and not tithing.  I feel like I just decided to ignore that part of the bible because it’s really inconvenient.  I don’t want to ignore it.  The pastor always says that we need to prove that we are able to handle a small amount before we can be trusted with a larger amount.  If we had a larger amount we could pay all of our bills and tithing would be easy.  I don’t know, I guess it’s about faith and trusting in God and all of that stuff.
                I am going to tithe on Sunday and if they try to take my car I’m sure my parents will help me out.  I guess it’s easier to have faith with a safety net.

Eric Anderson

P.S. My wife is an awesome lawn mower person. I love you Charlotte

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  1. Wow! you picked a "meaty" topic! This is one I feel totally inadequate to say anything! I know the principles. I'm still working on implementing it regularly in my life. It is easier to give when there is "plenty". It's tough when there's not (like what you talked about...tithe? or car payment?)Tithing isn't just about money. It's all about the heart. Our tithing should be something we do because of love...not because we "have to". Tithing is another form of "worship". I would encourage you to see what the scriptures say about tithing and as you are looking ask God to show you what it means and what it looks like.