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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eric and the Hypochondria IV

I’m only writing this because I love roman numerals.  I know it’s been a while, over a month actually, but I’ve got an excuse, I’m lazy and my head still hurts but much less because I solved the problem.  Me, all by myself and the doctors think I’m crazy, which may well be true but it works so screw ‘um.  If you’ve been following this thing then you know that I over analyze everything I do and how it affects me and what it all means.  So I have to apologize to quinoa because I unjustly accused it of causing this thing and it was not true at all.  I’ve narrowed down this headache thing to grinding/clenching teeth I hope, but that’s not the best news.  I accidentally figured out that either B12 or B3 (niacin) will make my headache go away (for the most part anyway). 
Every day, I evaluate how I feel and what may or may not be causing the good or bad feelings of that particular moment.  I would watch my diet, environment, and stress levels to see what could be helping or hurting me and I noticed that when I took this B12 complex my headaches would go away longer than usual.  I examined B12 deficiencies and didn’t think that was possible since my blood had been checked several different times this year.  I looked at the ingredients and noticed that niacin was one of them and remembered the people at work noticing that my face was red and thinking I had a fever when it was just the natural reaction of niacin to the blood.  I immediately googled niacin + migraines and discovered that there is considerable evidence to suggest that niacin may help migraine sufferers but there have been no actual tests to prove this to be fact.
I told my doctor, neurologist, dentist, friends, coworkers, family, and anyone else that would pay any attention to me.  Pretty much everyone thinks I’m nuts and there’s no way that this should be working, but I promise that it make the headaches about 85% better.  My doctor told me to quit taking the migraine medicine that he prescribed just to prove that I was wrong and he was right but 4 days without the medicine and the niacin still seems to be awesome.  Anyway, I just wanted to let anyone who cared about these posts know what has been happening for the last month.  Later

Eric Anderson